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Illustration of my interpretation of Mother Nature (Mother Earth, Gaea/Gaia, Мать Природа), originally based on the character of Emily Jane Pitchiner from William Joyce's Guardians of Childhood book series. Taken on a new life in my hands during the years of having little information on the character, I hold a great attachment to this version of the character and wished to properly draw her again after almost three years. I wanted her canonically dark hair to have an inner glow to it, like bioluminescent cells are weaved into the strands and shine with colours of the ocean and the sky. Though she looks human, her eyes have an unnaturally dark sclera and bright green irises with a haunting gaze.
Photographic reference used to illustrate the black mamba snake and orchids.

Aleksandra markaryan gaea2
Aleksandra markaryan gaea1

Original rough sketch. The hair details had more life and character, so I may revisit this piece in the future to add something to her wild character