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The ranger, the huntress, the moonshadow. Erelmur'ss Do'Rett is a drow ranger refugee from the Underdark of Exandria, making her way to the surface to escape the oppressive atmosphere of dark elf cities and betrayal of her own family. Raised by her well natured aunt as a follower of Eilistraee, the Dark Dancer and chaotic good deity of the Drow Pantheon, she now travels the world in the name of exploration and helping people in the name of her goddess and changing the perception of the drow in the eyes of Tal'Dorei citizens.

So, that's my current character from a Dungeons and Dragons campaign based in Matt Mercer's world of Exandria, the world of Critical Role. I can't thank Matt and the rest of their cast enough for all the inspiration and drive to create!

Aleksandra markaryan erfinal
Aleksandra markaryan er1

Starting with a very rough, blocky sketch with an oil paint brush

Aleksandra markaryan er2

Lineart - or perhaps a cleaner sketch - that was drawn over the sketch and then moved to a different place in the composition

Aleksandra markaryan er3

Blocking out colours, shadows and adding the eyebrows over erased, very rough sketch lines

Aleksandra markaryan er4

Colouring the hair

Aleksandra markaryan er5

Starting to work on more details, colouredjewellery

Aleksandra markaryan er6

Further details and rendering

Aleksandra markaryan er7

Working on adding flyaway hairs and some light texture to the armor. At this point, it's pretty much complete