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Lyaena Stormsong - Commission!

A full-body coloured commission done by the wonderful and patient @nyphsy on Twitter, who has a gorgeous character in my absolute favourite colours to work with! Pose, expression and composition underwent some revision before the final result, and I got to practice more processes for painting and colouring metallic effects and armour textures.

A simple grey background felt too empty, so I thought to compliment it with a stylistic drop of a dusky sky framing the top of the character. Painted while referencing a WoW game screenshot of the Suramar zone sky. I really enjoyed painting the clouds and hope to do more background/landscape work in the future!

For commission enquiries, contact me at !

Aleksandra markaryan nyphsybg

Completed illustration with a simple background.

Aleksandra markaryan illustration78

Original sketch presented to the client for revisions.